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AN JI HAN ZHOU BAMBOO INDUSTRY CO.LTD.is located in Zhenjiang Anji which is famous as a hometown of bamboo of China,here is so much bamboo that likes a sea of ,and also because it has enough material,guarantees its bamboo products high quality and become to be a favourite of market.
Our company produces series of aromatized bamboo health care products ,weepurate the essential of plants such as flowers,leaves,roots, barks,fruits, seeds and colophony which is not include any chemical matter, and combined with bamboo product scientifically in order to apply to human beings. We tested the products many times and cost our hardly effort for more than two years, now we have exploded more than 30kinds of aromatized bamboo series health products such as citronella ,avender, sweet-scented osmanthus, jasmine, hyacinth, sandalwood etc.The fragrnant can keep for 12 month or so ,when you don't use,please keep it airproof.
Theseseries of bamboo health products can improve indoor environment,clear up peculiarsmell,analyze second-hand smoke and have sterilization frnction.Itcan increase people's resistance,defend disease and depress high blood pressure.It can improve people's physicalstrength and vital capacity, promote metabolism. It can improve people's some illnesses like breathing path, nose sensitivity and breathe heavily. It also can drive mosquito, kill acarid; keep balance of horrnone,active cell to prevent aging; refresh oneself and improve one'smemory; restrain fantod, decrease pressure,insomnia,headache and make people feel good etc. It can be used in hotels,hospitals, schools, cara OK rooms, rstaurants, drugstores, furniture shops haird, ressing salongs ,welfare centers,baby rooms, cookrooms , basements, meeting-rooms,kinds of shops; kindergartens, transport systems, gymnasiums ,reading rooms,cinemas, office rooms etc.In any time,this series of aromatized bamboo health care products can make the best comfortable living space,and leave the best air to you who have a good taste.
AN JI HAN ZHOU BAMBOO INDUSTRY CO.LTK.,welcome to contact us!
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